About Frantic

The club is provided by Flixton Fellowship Church. It meets each Saturday at the Woodsend Scout Hall in Flixton and is open to children aged 7 to 11. The club starts at 6.45pm and runs until 8.15pm.

The evening consists of some or all of the following activities:-

  • Tuck Shop - Open for ten minutes at the start and end of frantic
  • News Time - We sit in a circle and talk about things we've done during the week
  • Games - See Frantic Games
  • Crafts - See Frantic Crafts
  • Talk - A bible story
  • Memory Verse - A verse for the children to remember for next week
  • Music and Videos - Pop music and occasional videos
  • Quizzes - To test general knowledge
  • Face2Face Puppets - Performances by Rick and Jenny
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Peace be with you!
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Face2Face Puppets
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Decorating Buns

There are a few Frantic Rules to ensure good behaviour. The main one is to have fun!

Frantic is run by a group of volunteers with the following contact details.

There is a map showing directions to Woodsend Sports Pavilion.

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